How to partecipate

Following the health emergency covid-19 and subsequent measures to contain the spread of the virus, the “Trekking col Treno” initiative will feature for the year 2021 new conditions of use, designed for the safety of participants and accompanying people, in line with national and regional regulation.

As in 2020, for the 2021 edition the "Trekking col Treno" excursions will have a limited number of 20 participants. The number of participants was assessed as suitable by the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) Bologna for each individual excursion.
Registration is mandatory and must be completed online on the website (linked to the Bologna Welcome booking platform). The registration is open during the week preceding each excursion, from Monday morning (9.30-10) to Friday afternoon (5PM).
When registering, it is necessary to enter your data (name, surname, telephone and / or e-mail contact) that will be kept by the organisers for at least 20 days, in compliance with privacy regulations.
The participation fee has to be paid during the registration phase. The fee has not changed in 2021 and is set at: 2 euros for CAI members and 5 euros for non-CAI members, and includes organization expenses, contribution for trails maintenance and insurance for non-members. The fee does not include transportation, which will have to be purchased autonomously by each participant.
When registering, it is mandatory to accept the participation rules, which concern all the provisions implemented to safeguard your personal and other hikers’ safety.
Registration is considered completed only upon receipt of the confirmation email, one that is automatically generated by the platform. Due to organizational reasons, it is not possible to cancel one's registration, nor to have a refund of the fee.

On the day of the excursion, only the participants in possession of a regular registration confirmation and who have accepted the methods of registration and participation in the activities can present themselves at the meeting. Those who intend to join should be aware that they will not be admitted if lacking the necessary PPE (sanitary mask, disinfectant gel) and anything else indicated by the organisers.

The participant declares to be aware and to accept that on the day of the excursion he is expressly forbidden to show up if he shows flu symptoms attributable to COVID-19 disease (body temperature over 37.5 °C and symptoms of respiratory infection such as cough), or if he is aware that he has had contacts with COVID-19 positive individuals in the 14 days prior to the excursion, or if he is under quarantine (home isolation).

During the excursion:

  • the participants commit to comply with the rules of hygiene, distancing and anything else inherent to the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in accordance with the provisions of the competent Authorities in order to limit the spread of viral contamination;
  • the participants commit to scrupulously respect the indications and directives given by the guides;

In particular, it is necessary to scrupulously observe the rules of distancing and behaviour:

  • during the trekking, an interpersonal distance of at least 2 meters should be kept when walking, a minimum of 5 meters when cycling. Whenever this distance should decrease, wearing a sanitary mask is mandatory during stops and when crossing other people;
  • exchanging equipment, objects, food, drinks or other items between participants not belonging to the same family is prohibited;
  • participants are obliged to bring with them their personal protective mask (also one or more spare ones) and alcohol-based disinfectant gel. If masks with higher filtering capacity are used, such as for example the FFP2 facial filters, it should be noted that they have to be without the exhalation valve. It is the responsibility of the participants not to disperse masks or anything else along the path; everything must be brought home, as well as rubbish. We must prove civil and sympathetic with the mountain populations. Participants are required to show maximum discipline, under penalty of immediate exclusion from the excursion for potentially harmful behavior towards the other participants.

The starting point can be reached from Bologna by public transport, according to the timetable indications issued by the organisers during the registration phase, or by one’s own vehicle, in compliance with the national / regional rules governing the transport by car of non-cohabiting people.
In case of using public transport, participants are obliged to scrupulously follow the safety provisions established by the public transport company. It should be noted that the use of face mask inside public transport is mandatory.


Informations. For details on the excursions please contact the section of Bologna of CAI (Italian Alpine Club): via Stalingrado 105, ph. +39 051 234856 (Tuesday: 9am-1pm, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 4pm-7pm). In the 3 days before the departure of each excursion it is possible to speak with the guide at the number +39 331 9184640 for further information (no SMS), except for the cycle-trekkings, that have a specific phone number indicated in the notes of each excursion.

Participation fee. 2 euros for CAI members, 5 euros for non-members. The fee includes organization expenses, contribution for trails maintenance and insurance for non-members. The fee doesn’t include transports, that are at the expense of the participant. The fee has to be paid at the moment of the meeting with the excursion’s guide.

Rules of conduct. The participants are required to:

  • keep to departure time and to established programme, adapting to contingent variations made by the guides
  • have an adequate psychophysical preparation, as well as an apparel and equipment appropriate for the excursion.
  • maintain a disciplined attitude, respectful of people and private ownerships, and follow the guides’ instructions.
  • follow the established itinerary, without separating from the group
  • manage their own waste, carrying them up to the garbage bins in order to preserve the environment as clean as one would hope to find it. At the same time the participants are required not to pick protected flowers, plants or herbs.
  • collaborate with the guides to the success of the initiative and be supportive to their decisions, especially in case of problems (concerning environmental and/or participants’ conditions).

Duration, elevation gain and length of the itineraries are approximate.

Risks and responsibilities. The guides of Trekking col treno are covered by a specific insurance policy towards all the regular participants. The guides are not responsible for accidents occurred before or after the excursion. In case of emergency the assistance of the Alpine Rescue Corp (phone number 118) is guaranteed.

Equipment. Hiking boots, backpack, wind jacket or waterproof cape and water bottle are required. Hikers not properly equipped could be excluded from the excursion by the guide’s unquestionable decision.

CAI guides. The guides of CAI are volunteers that act gratuitously to spread “the knowledge and the studying of the mountains”, according to the 1st article of the Association Statute.

Cycle-trekking. Participants must bring their own bike and make sure it is in good working order, comfortable and not “too old”, also to show respect towards the others. The tour Guide is not a mechanic. So it’s recommendable to have a fix kit for little repairs: a spare inner tube, pump, and so on. The participants are required to follow the instructions of the tour Guide, in accordance with the Rules of the Road. Helmet is mandatory.

Train tickets. The timetable for train routes are not reported in this booklet because they can be subject to variation. Before the excursion, each hiker must verify by himself the timetable and the tariffs. The guide presence is guaranteed only from the trailhead forward, but he/she will be probably present also at the meeting point and on the train – as usual. It is mandatory to purchase the return ticket before departure.